Silvio Rebholz

WR 79.9

WR 79.9 is a paper shredder which uses explosions to destroy documents. With a twinkle in its eye, the spectacular process intends to break the monotony of office routines.

When something explodes, an extraordinary amount of energy is released in a short period of time. There is an interruption of the everyday physical and chemical normality that surrounds normally. Explosions contrast drastically with the habits and routines that humans develop throughout their life. Work and leisure routines, consumption and sleep cycles provide us with support for unexpected moments of stress. Thanks to guaranteed satisfaction of basic needs in the everyday life of Central Europeans, at least existential moments of stress become rare. This is great for all concerned, but also carries the risk to stick to habits too much and to become unhappy or at least bored. As a product designer I am happy about this ambivalence of everyday life in our society, because it gives me the opportunity to make everyday life easier or to surprise and make users truncate. The nature of an explosion may not simplify everyday life, but offers the potential to upset the routine of it.

30cm x 23 cm x 60cm
polycarbonate, aluminium, other materials