Silvio Rebholz

The Lost Graduation Show

For the Lost Graduation Show at Salone del Mobile, I was part of Anniina Koivu's exhibition team. Over the course of 20/21, thousands of design students completed their studies, but couldn't present their work publicly. By organising one large exhibition, we give them this opportunity on a big stage. From numerous entries, we selected 168 projects, connecting 48 design schools from from all over the world. The exhibition’s design was governed by one pressing need: a temporary exhibition where no material goes to waste. The design was a homogeneous and at the same time varied landscape, based on Ytong bricks, which are locally sourced and part of a circular system. Once dismantled, the entire installation was returned to its production cycle.

Curated by Anniina Koivu, Exhibition design Camille Blin & Anthony Guex, Curational team Luisa Kahlfeldt, Bérengère Bussioz, Margherita Banchi & Silvio Rebholz