Silvio Rebholz


The future educational systems will be based on self determined learning. Pupils get different proposals for learning material, spaces and furniture to choose their best way how, where and what they learn. Instead of having a teacher centred structure, several space and furniture typologies provide the flexibility to work individually or in groups and how they feel most comfortable with.
Waffle offers kids from 6 to 10 years a variety of new positions to work and play. As an additional piece of furniture in classrooms, it follows this educational evolution and opens up the floor as a work surface. Waffle is designed to be a simple seat which can be folded in between four upholstered rigid parts. It can be used as a seat, a building element or a room divider.

textile, foam, ppe board
50 x 120 x 1 cm
In collaboration with flokk & ECAL