Silvio Rebholz


WHAT SHALL WE EAT THIS TIME, an artistic research project of Ann-Kathrin Müller and Julia Schäfer was exhibited at Weissenhofmuseum in Stuttgart in fall 2020. The research deals with two cook books, which were written in the 1930s in Stuttgart and Tel Aviv. The author, Dr. Erna Meyer, aimed to create recipes that could be prepared very quickly, so women would spend as little time as possible in the kitchen.

For their community kitchens, in which different recipes from Dr. Meyer were served, I was commissioned to design seating, tables and a bar respecting the circumstances of the covid pandemic. I created a system where guests could get a filled tray at the bar and attach it to the stool they like. Since each unit serves one person, guests could arrange them as they like to and eat together.

pine, form boards
various sizes

commissioned by WSWETT & Weissenhofmuseum
photos by Natalie Brehmer, Ann-Kathrin Müller & Julia Schäfer