Silvio Rebholz

What Shall We Eat This Time?


WHAT SHALL WE EAT THIS TIME, a research-based project of Ann-Kathrin Müller and Julia Schäfer is based on two cookbooks written by Dr. Erna Meyer in 1931 and 1936. Erna Meyer was involved in the Werkbund exhibition in Stuttgart in 1927 and emigrated to Palestine in 1933. Her recipes reveal the political upheaval of two states. By cooking and eating, WSWETT examines the formation of cultural identities through the process of food preparation. For the exhibition's dinner evenings at the Weissenhof Gallery in Stuttgart, I designed a furniture system which emphasises a communal and vivid food experience. Guests could get a filled tray at a counter and attach it to the stool they like. Each unit serves one person, so guests could arrange them to variable forms.

commissioned by WSWETT & Weissenhofmuseum
photos Natalie Brehmer & WSWETT